The BONGO "Brasserie" provides for two persons entitled to:

  • A surprise menu with choice
  • If the customer a choice of card to make this only with the approval of the restaurant can
  • In this case, the restaurant needs to bring the nominal value of the Bongo the final amount deducted
  • Valid for two (excluding drinks)
  • One can also opt for BONGO weekend package


From a satisfied customer:

Dear Madam & Sir.
We, I and my wife Nelly & Andre Goelen - Cuylen yesterday evening between 18h00 and 19h00 09-09-2012 come eat with redeeming the voucher bongo brasserie with you.
Ms & Mr now I can really not omit to thank you. Wholeheartedly
Despite your case (HOTEL DE CHIME) was well packed, not to mention the terrace which was fully occupied full of people and I can understand and have seen how busy you had it.
I want my wife and you still sincerely thank all your heart's content and were operated. Soon anyway, despite it was a bongo bon brasserie,
My hat off to you wonderful hotel reception we received in the very best kindness really could not be more perfect, agile handling and above all, a congratulations to the cook who made ​​the food. So delightful tasty
We were really happy with it, we have not received.
Do not take it amiss that I will send so they know how to give you a good service to your customers. This letter to BONGO
Ms & Mr briefly congratulations and thank you for taking care of a bongo customer you will surely look back at your hotel and then with friends in tow.
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!
Friendly sweet greetings from a satisfied customer.
Nelly & Andre Goelen - Cuylen.
Eeuwfeestlaan 19
2500 Lier.