• Petting Zoo d'Oude Smelterij
  • Green fields: Wijnendale forrest, Province domain d'Aertrycke, Groenhovebos
  • Hiking: educational walks: Bosleerpad (in Groenhove and domain Wijnendale) and Landbouwleerpad, Revinzepad and Driekoningenpad
  • Cycling: Wijnendale route (56 km), Castle route (49 km), Gitsberg route (45 km), mountainbikeroute De Vlaamsche Leeuwen, fietsas Green 62


Treats from Torhout

  • Beers: Thouroutenaere, mustard beer
  • Cold meats and cheeses: Wynendale cheese and Thouroutenaere pie
  • Pastry: Torretaart
  • Other: mustard gin, mustard biscuits, Thouroutenaerke (aperitif and wine)



Fixed events

  • Night of Flanders (hiking and walking tour): 3rd weekend June
  • Torhoutse horse market: last Saturday of June
  • Oldtimer Castles tour: 15 August
  • Garden fair court and House (domain d'Aertrycke): weekend of the assumption