Places of interest


Torhout is a small town in the Bruges woodland that manages to Captivate young and old. Its pleasant town amazes and its many monuments let you relive the history.




Wijnendale Castle

Wijnendale Castle is an imposing moated castle in the woods of Torhout. On the grounds of the castle is a visitor centre implanted that forms the gateway to the castle museum and the wider environment of Bruges. Along the trail you relive historical events from full renewed visitors the rich past of the Castle. Also the lesser known daily life of the Castle Lords and their staff is coming to life again. On the basis of life-size images, interviews, touch screens, tapestries, ancient objects and a movie Hall is a historical evocation of the history of the Castle.


Leave you astonished by the rich past of the city. The town of Torhout has a rich cultural offer. Each monument-from the Town Hall about the House Baby to the old justice of the peace Court-offers an anecdote in which past and present are inseparable. Other places of interest you to remember important Torhoutenaren.

Ravenhof Castle

The Ravenhof Castle has an eventful history behind it. The first traces would go back to the oldest history of the city; It was then a walled site with opperhof and neerhof. Meanwhile, in the Ravenhof Castle the tourist office, museums and festivities accommodated. You can take a look at the urban Guild room and the Museum of Torhouts pottery. In the museum draws attention to the pottery, you will become acquainted with the world of Potter and the influence of the Torhoutse Torhoutse potters of the surrounding regions. Temporary exhibitions covering earth work from an ever new and surprising point of view.

Mustard museum

The oldest known regional product of the city of Torhout, especially mustard Walton has its own museum. In 1869 was manufactured for the first time Mustard Walton in Torhout. The museum outlines the evolution of the production of mustard through history. It is also a real collection mustard pots, billboards and other curiosities of several domestic and foreign mustard makers proposed. Also lets you wonder by the mustard mill, the showpiece of the collection.