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The Bruges Ommeland flirts with the Flemish coast, Woody Wood land and the world famous Bruges. "Mijn Vlakke Land, Mijn Vlaanderenland" sang Jacques Brel. He competed this unique region once and for all on the world map. Take this three-, four-, five-or six-day cycling holiday to discover different facets of it to advantage.



Sophie's choice: Wijnendaele Castle, a historic home

There are many reasons to visit the castle of Wijnendale. It was here that Mary of Burgundy literally of her horse fell, that Emperor Charles the time killed every time his ship towards Spain in Vlissinge was waiting and that Leopold III the Royal question any TDI actions. Combine that one impressive historical events with a charming and well preserved water seal, of the kind you see only in comics today, and you understand that Castle Wijnendale effortlessly large and small intrigues.

Rightly so, as it turns out when my guide of service, the remarkable Jean-Jacques Matthieu de Wynendaele or the fifth generation that Mans Castle, meetroont me to the salon where a very contemporary film about the castle is shown. Or as the master of the House it yourself somewhat ironic wording: "100 years of history in 8 minutes." About the 1830s bought Josse-Pierre Matthieu, the bedovergrootvader of our host, the domain to it, battered after several battles, to renovate. Five generations later, the domain will be available for promotion to a distant great-grandchild protected monument and open to the general public. The left wing is public domain, in the right wing, conspicuously marked by two prompt tusks, resides the family Matthieu. And maybe this is the real beauty of this castle. The entire museum bears the traces of a noble home and is filled with lovable souvenirs that bear witness to a particular and well filled life. Like you behind the scenes of a gentlemen exist should Squeak. I see successively beautiful black and white prints of Jean-Jacques Matthieu de Wynendaele was when he was still a small Jean-Jacquesje, photos of parental honeymoon in Cannes (complete with cabriolet and Hollywood glamour), the Lord who along with his brothers in times of war on the battlements of the castle of amusing plays and – as the icing on the cake – a proud advanced 7 to 8-year-old who looks proud and uninhibited in the camera. "This is me with my first rabbit", says he still features the same pride, and then pointing to the next photo "and this is me with my first elephant." At getting his engineering degree had father Matthieu de Wynendaele are promised an elephant so pulled the bunch after all uk to Africa where the young are hunters Arts graduate should demonstrate. Today no longer something you can imagine.

To the painting "the King Drinks" that adorns the kitchen is just such an incredible story connected. When during the 1st World War the castle was plundered by German soldiers is the canvas ends up in the hands of a 16-year-old soldier. Many years later, his son, to the great surprise of the Lord, suddenly on the sidewalk with the Castle Torhoutse cloth in his hands. A request from his father on his deathbed.

The imposing "Manscheep-Balla of all the Lai ende Achterleenen", a kind of land registry of the Dukes of Cleves, which in the 15th and 16th centuries the Beguinage on Wijnendale, has the war in one piece survived. Today you can try this magnificent work, though behind glass and lock and key, marvel at the beautifully restored Castle attic. About 20 pages from the 30 inch thick properties oeuvre were digitised and can be extended via a toetsscherm study. With a simple tap you can select maps, open folding, zoom in and out and compare it with their current state. Downright impressive but the householder are watching it all somewhat warily. "The new generation wants necessarily computers." But who can blame a Lord that he sees somewhat slower time rather pass?

After the visit, one can pay a visit to our cosy and rustic restaurant-tearoom for a drink and a bite to eat. One can also reserve for groups for a daily lunch or regional menu (rabbit on his Thourouts), boerebrood with smoked ham or cheese.

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You can find the castle in the Oostendestraat 390, 8820 Torhout.



The museum of Torhouts pottery

Toerism Torhout
Ravenhof Castle
Ravenhofstraat 5
8820 Torhout
Tel: +32(0)50 22 07 70
Fax: 0+32(0)50 22 15 04

Opening hours
9.00u - 12.00u
14.00u - 17.00u

15 sept - 14 mei: every working day
15 mei - 14 september: every day

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In a first part of the museum is a clear schedule the pottery types and their properties set out very clear and using teaching materials is the production of the pot, from clay to finished product, is displayed.

Then we enter the world of Torhoutse Potter. On a map of Torhout situate the various sites and via a time band we bring this related to the great periods of pottery activity on site.

Highlights in this space are the masterpieces of folk art from the period of the family Walker. This family brought the so-called old-Torhouts on the market.

The successors, the family M, still remain a time working in the style of their illustrious predecessors.
The main representative of the family M is clear Leo M.

In the second gallery, the top equipment from the period of the so-called New-Torhouts.
The last Torhoutse Potter was Amand M. Creating Torhouts earthenware came in 1938 to a final stop.